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Barstool Races 2020 Registration


Teams please arrive at 11am to set up pit crew area and prep for race.

All Racers and Team Members are required to attend a short meeting prior to the start of the race.



  1. Gravity power only.

  2. One barstool mounted on two skis. Minimum height with skis attached is 27”.

  3. If you can sit on it and it will go down the hill, you can race it. 

  4. Length and composition of ski are open. 

  5. All race sleds are subject to a safety inspection by the race committee.


  1. Anything mounted on a ski, skis, or snowboard! Or on ANYTHING that slides…

  2. No limit to the number of riders. Pushers can be no more than the number of riders.


  1. Push off from the start line at the signal. A pusher crossing the start line will result in disqualification. 

  2. For Barstool race, you can push yourself or have up to two persons push, this is your option.

  3. For race sled, No limit to the number of riders. Pushers can be no more than the number of riders.

  4. Barstool Racers must ride the stool sitting down, in the drinking position (butt on top of stool).

  5. Crossing into the other lane will result in disqualification.

  6. Helmets must be worn. NO EXCEPTIONS.

  7. Finish line judge(s) will have final say in determining the winner of each race.

  8. Racers must make sure they understand the results of the race before they leave the bottom of the track. Race results cannot be altered once the next race is run.

  9. Any participants not acting in a sportsmanlike manner will be disqualified. This is a fun, community-based event meant to be a good time for everyone. 

  10. All team members must be registered and have filled out & signed liability forms, or race vehicles will not be allowed past the Check point.