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RECENT Happenings

Many thanks for an incredible summer season of concerts, yoga, children's theater and more!


The MCF has numerous volunteer opportunities each year. We need you to help us succeed!

  • 1996-Live in Minturn Concert Series was started to raise funds for the then volunteer fire department.
  • 2002-MCF founders (Andy Kaufman and Al Brown) formally incorporate as a 501c3.
  • 2003-MCF receives a grant to help start Radio Free Minturn.
  • 2005-MCF board members receive grant funding to build a new amphitheater at Little Beach Park.
  • 2011-The ever-popular Thursday Night Concert Series begins in the summer.  Free and open to the public, the MCF books diverse and talented musical acts from the Vail Valley and beyond.
  • 2013-The Minturn Community Gardens space is created - and continues to grow and prosper each summer!
  • 2016-the Town and MCF partner to launch the one-of-a-kind Minturn Barstool Races.
  • 2016-MCF provides funding for two children's theater programs in the summer, collaborating with the Vail Performing Arts Academy and Missoula Children's Theatre to offer performance opportunities and live theater at Little Beach Amphitheater.

Jane Cancan Rohr

Earle Bidez
MCF Board Vice-President

Diana Scherr
MCF Board President


The MCF exists to connect people, enhance lives, and preserve the culture of Minturn.

Our History

The Minturn Community Fund began as grass-roots as it gets. In 1996, the town's all-volunteer fire department needed additional funds, so local folks took it upon themselves to make it happen. From there, the idea of a community fund was hatched and there's been no looking back!  The MCF has tackled everything from fire department funding to improving public spaces, community gardens to concert series, yoga in the park to neighbors in need. And all of it was accomplished because of community-minded people like YOU!

The Minturn Community Fund exists to connect people, enrich lives and preserve the culture of Minturn.

Woody Woodruff